HP-475 Wonder Womyn in "Research Study

HP-475 Wonder Womyn in "Research Study

WW is invited to participate in a research project, which will test her endurance to withstand different labors & environments...or so she thinks!!! A maniacal researcher has different plans for our superheroine, none of which involve her ultimate survival. Does WW weather the storm, or does she fall victim to a twisted study? Get this hot video and find out!

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HP-475 Wonder Womyn In Research Study

Wonder Womyn has been asked to participate in a research study by a female scientist (Goldie) in order to test Wonder Womyn's endurance and special powers. But what Wonder Womyn doesn't know is that the female scientist is actually a villainess who plans on weakening Wonder Womyn and using Wonder Womyn's powers against her and capturing her.

Wonder Womyn meets with the scientist. She explains to Wonder Womyn that she wants to test her powers, and her endurance. Wonder Womyn is game as always, and she feels she can pass any test the scientist can dish out. Test 1 is the sleepy mask filled with a poisoness gas, and how long can Wonder Womyn last before she passes out. While she is out the scientist removes her belt, lasso and boots...

Test 2 is Belly Punching

Test 3 is Wrestling



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